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50 Portraits - Portrait #29

Everyone has their struggles. At home, at work and the struggles within us are of a whole different level. You hang in there and try and find solutions for the struggles outside. But I think the biggest waves are the struggles inside of us. They can be difficult to handle some times. At other times the same waves will look minor and sail-able. We look at the issues others have in their life and ours start to look smaller comparatively. While that gives us hope of better times, does it make our issues really non-issues? I've learnt, it's not really the issues that are big or small. It's each's capability of handling them. I may calmly go past the biggest set backs and failures in life and may not yet be able to handle a small thing like someone not talking to me.

Camera (Canon 5d) settings were f2.5, 1/160, ISO200

#photography #portrait

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