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50 Portraits - Portrait #10

Our image is everything to us.  We look, act and behave our best in front of others so they’ll like us.   But with friends we don’t give a damn about any of these.  We want to be liked by everyone we meet.  When we’re in front of the camera we don’t know who’ll be seeing that image.  We start getting conscious and the body language becomes stiff because we don’t want to give away our weaknesses to unknown people let alone to a piece of equipment that’ll  make it immortal.    We want them to look at our best only.  Because we don’t know who’ll be seeing us and what’ll they think about us.  We all want to be liked.  We all….want to feel wanted….There’s the difference between great images and snapshots.  Great photographers get the real out of you on the image and still make  you look good.

Another portrait not difficult in terms of technicality but making the subject feel comfortable in front of the camera.  I had to make him move within the 2 feet radius to get his body relax a little bit.  Make him speak something so his mouth and jawline doesn’t look like he’s crushing something between his teeth.  Get them to talk.  Tell them if they look stiff.  They want to help you but won’t be able to until you tell them what’s not working.  A little pep talk and they’re in the game.

Camera (Canon 1100d) settings were f4.5, 1/125, ISO100 with flash in a softbox on camera left with power probably at 1/4.

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