50 Portraits - Portrait #2

Portrait No. 2 in the 50-Portraits series.  When I approached my friend to allow me to make portrait of her mom I was told it’d be an achievement if I get a good photo out of her.  I thought her portrait would fit into the Working Women of India series too.  She’s an incredible woman who has seen toughest of times and yet has, as incredible as women are, faced the challenges head on.  She shares a great friendship with her daughter which I was most touched by.  More than the opportunity to make portraits I find it amazing when someone allows you to get a glimpse into their lives and share their stories.   We learn so much from their struggles, their experiences and their ability to sail through the tides with a pinch of humour in the side pocket and some mango pickles.

For those interested.  One light set-up.  Light camera right into a softbox.  Camera settings were 1/160, 4.5, ISO200.

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