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50 Portraits - Portrait #20

Updated: Jan 30, 2019

I have a friend, best friend, who I care for the most.  He is a strong person but I know he has been through some really rough times.   Recently I have constantly been worried about him getting hurt or worried about something or the other.   And I feel have been too involved in his decision making than I should.  Sometimes I get so cautious for him that if I could I won’t even let him ride a bike on his own.  It’s been epiphany month for me so far because I just realized if he gets so cautious about everything he won’t take the plunge when the time or opportunity comes.  Life some times is like  bungee jump. If we fear that the rope will break during our jump no one would ever be able to jump and would never know what that adventure feels like.  We would never be so happy to be alive after such an adrenaline rush if we don’t jump.  We would never move and never really be alive if we just got scared of getting hurt or dying.  We have to take chances and trust our gut feeling.  Not to say that we should be stupid but take conscious decision and trust ourself for it.  If it works fine, if it doesn’t that’s ok too.  You took the chance and knew the possibility of it going wrong too.

Similarly, if I worry about ‘the’ image on a trip or shoot I would definitely miss the image I have in front of me.  Sure, I want to make the best picture possible but I sometimes get so side tracked with what I want than to focus on what I have that I miss both the opportunity and any hope of getting a good shot from the available resources.  We get so attached to the image we have in mind that we miss seeing what we have in front of us.  So, let the image come to you if it’s not here yet.  Wait for it.  Let them grow, be ready.  When the image and you are ready, you will be together.

Camera (5d) settings were f 4.5, 1/125, ISO 200

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