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50 Portraits - Portrait #24

It’s amazing how some of the life experiences are replicated in my photo shoots as well. These relations help me make better decisions on the set which only gets tough with each shoots.   Every one of them is unique and each requires a unique approach and attention.  And, that needs to be done within a span of 10-15 min.  Portrait shooters know why it sounds so obvious but it isn’t.  Read on.

For instance, and this is something I have noticed recently in my circles too, we make assumptions and create a long scientific theory about each and every thing based on whatever little or more we know about someone or something.  Even before you have completed a sentence the other person has completed it in anticipation and has also give you a root cause analysis. We ‘think’ we know but do we really? Like we make impressions about a person based on a few instances and claim to know them to their DNA. We become the ‘experts’.  As a result we may fail to see what’s really in front of us and start interacting with them based on whatever picture we have created about them no matter how hard the person tries to convince they shouldn’t apply the same logic every time. It’s like applying the hair shampoo to your face too just because it’s so smooth, cleans and shines.

Similarly we might arrive with some preconceived images of people we have known for a while.  Just because someone is generally a jolly happy go person doesn’t mean they’ll start crushing it as soon as they are in front of the camera.  They may (and most likely they will) go numb too when they’re out there.  Camera does something to us mortals.  Our job is to get them out of that freeze zone, let them condense and get used to the room temperature.

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