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50 Portraits - Portrait #25

Relationships are like white river rafting.  They bring excitement, adventure, adrenaline rush and fear.  All at the same time.  Some times, disappointment.  Some make us feel alive again.   The journey at times is fun, calm, peaceful and enjoyable but we know there’s a rapid coming up.   These times allow you to look around and enjoy the moment.   When I visited the hills for the very first time I felt the awesomeness and grandness of the nature.  I was humbled.  Relationships can do that to you too.  We’re just a drop in the ocean.

Disclaimer – I’m no relationship expert but I love making these analogies.  Like the other day I liked it better when I compared taking risks in life with Bungee Jump.  The fears are same but once you go for it, 99.99% of the times, it’s worth it. 

As I’m adding portraits one after the other, I thought with time I’d feel confident, that I’m growing as a photographer.  But as the days go by I find myself comparing myself with others and realising I haven’t done anything significant yet.  There’s still a long, very long road ahead of me.  The journey has only just begun.

Camera settings were f4.5, 1/160,ISO200

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