50 Portraits - Portrait #3

Portrait# 3 in 50-Portraits.

Also a fit to my Working Women of India series.  Once in every while she makes a statement that makes her friends stop and take note and wonder where she thinks all this.

I’m supposed to share a portrait each week to meet my goal this year.  I’m covered for next month but I’m already sweating thinking about the week after that.  If you follow Cricket it’s like hitting a boundary on the first ball of the match but knowing it’s just the first over of the match.  You feel good but get your focus right back to the next ball.

Have you  made a resolution or set out a goal for yourself?  How’re you tracking it and what are you doing to stay on track?  May be we can help each other out?  Feel free to share in comments section.

Camera settings 1/125, 4.5, ISO200.

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