50 Portraits - Portrait #6

Having just become a father to two kids now I have started to feel the pressure a little more than I did when our first child came.  But the pressure is only because we as fathers, the unsung heroes, want to give the best of resources, best of everything to our kids so that they can explore their full potential and never have to worry about anything.  The kids are a huge bundle of joy for sure.

Small space was a challenge in this image.  Again I used the same backdrop that I carry around with me to give the portrait a simple look and also to avoid including any distracting elements in the frame.  I couldn’t move much so I brought the light further to the front up and high. The result was everyone lit evenly without casting shadow on the other person.

Camera settings were 1/125, f5.6, ISO 400. Light on camera right in a softbox.  I usually start with 1/8 power to give an ‘ok’ starting point on the flash with the softbox a little higher than the eye level.  It helps me avoid getting any hotspot on the faces and spread the fall of light even throughout the frame.  I change the power on the flash as the shoot goes on as needed.  Camera settings mainly remain the same.  If I don’t want to increase the power on the flash but need just a little more, I increase the ISO in camera instead.  usually this trick has worked.

Once the technical aspect is out of the way it’s time to get my subjects’ attention.  With kids we have to be really quick as they can lose interest quickly.  Keep them engaged and looking towards the direction you want.  Quick idiotic and funny remarks and they’re in the game.

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