50 Portraits - Portrait #7

Old age. Life’s greatest irony is we all know we are going to die one day and yet we’re scared to talk about death. But we aren’t scared to waste it not doing anything when deep inside a voice keeps telling us we ought to be doing something at this time.  I’m scared of getting old.  Not the actual getting old.  But getting old and seeing myself as someone I didn’t want to end up like.  None of us want to reach their death bed wishing to have done something that we never had the courage to do while we still had the time and the ability to do it.  If we aren’t doing it right now we won’t be doing it ‘one day’, ‘tomorrow’, or ‘this weekend’.

Camera (Canon 1100d) settings 1/125, 4.5, ISO400 light in a softbox camera right from above.  Softbox a little above eye level to avoid hotspots on the face.   I didn’t spend much time directing her.  This was a bonus shot when I was at the place shooting for another person.

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