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Childhood Was a Lie

Disclaimer: Don’t take this post too seriously.  Take it with a pinch of salt if you must.

I used to think I’m part of some reality show where everyone except me is a participant and one day my parents will reveal we’re actually billionaires and they just wanted to teach me the value of money that’s why we had been living where we lived and the way we lived.  That didn’t happen.

I’d imagine becoming so popular that I’d be guest on the Tonight’s show and I’d try and stay humble about my accomplishments.  Now I realize I wanted to be Rajnikant.  That didn’t happen of course.

Movies somehow got me to believe that God has given everyone of us a super power which we at some point of time in our lives find it.  Like a treasure hunt.   Super power? Didn’t happen.

For a long time I believed I was special.   I could achieve anything I wanted.  All I needed to do was decide what I wanted and everything will fall into place.  Then teenage happened.

Movies again made me believe I was the hero of my life and everyone of my friends a sidekick.  Nope.  Not true.

I also seriously believed during most of my childhood that Santa really exists.  It’s just that nobody knew where he lived other than ‘somewhere in North Pole’.

The only thing that has turned out to be true is this.  I used to think one day scientists will definitely find a way for humans to become invisible.  That. I am.

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