Updated: Jan 30, 2019

We shouldn’t live with regrets. This isn’t News to anyone. I try and live that by accepting failures rather than not trying at all. I’d rather feel the pain of having failed after trying something than the agonizing pain of having not tried at all. But I do have two regrets.

Number one that still haunts me to this day is not being with my grandmother during her last days.  I had visited her but soon after a few days of my visit she wanted me to visit her again which I just kept postponing.  And then one day the news came. I miss her so much. That’s my number one regret.

The second one doesn’t bother me thankfully but it’s a valuable life lesson that has helped me be a better person.  I ruined a perfectly good friendship because I got so carried away by wanting to be in a relationship.  She’s one of the smartest girl I have known and was always kind to me.  When I look back  I feel a great sense of gratitude towards her because she was so patient with me.  But I didn’t learn in time.

Image here taken with my #Canon 6d mark2 at 1/125, f2.8, ISO 100.

Take care.

#blackandwhite #photography #portrait #India

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